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More on the Site Name:

The Temple (or Forum) of Peace was built by Vespasian with the spoils of the Jewish War that he brought to Rome after the fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 71. Dedicated in 75, it was one of the most impressive monuments in the city. It stood to the north of the Basilica Aemilia in an area that still had not recovered from the great fire of A.D. 64. The complex included a plaza with garden, a temple, and a library within which were placed many of the treasures captured in Jerusalem. Ancient writers marveled at the number of important works of art installed here; the core of the collection had been brought to Rome by Nero from around the empire to decorate the Golden House. Vespasian made these available for the enjoyment of the public.

We named our site as such as it somehow similarly contains important works and we open it for the enjoyment of everyone.

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