Typical Roman Diet When Best Rated Juicers Weren’t Invented

We have all seen pictures of the ancient Romans feasting but what was a typical Roman diet? You may be surprised to find that the gladiators are often thought of as being huge meat eaters but it has been found that this was not the case. Their staple diet consisted of grains and beans and drank a beverage which was made up of plant ashes due to its fortifying effects on the body.


The fact is Romans did not eat massive meals with the main food of the common people being home grown vegetables, barley, wheat, some fish and possibly eggs and a bit of cheese if they owned chicken or cow. Pottage was a staple in their diet. A thick stew which was made by using corn or wheat and sometimes offal or meat, and a sauce was about as good as it got. Wine was a big part of the typical Roman diet.


A typical day’s food for a Roman consisted of the following.


Breakfast was eaten early and made up of bread, fresh fruit, dates, honey and sometimes pancakes.




Lunch which was eaten around midday was a light meal that consisted of cold meat, vegetables, eggs, salads, cheese and maybe fish. Yesterday’s leftovers were used to make up lunch.


Dinner was the main meal of the day and could be simple or lavish depending on the class of the people.


Quite often eaten at around 4pm, dinner would begin with a starter of a dish of small fish or a fresh salad. Cooked meat, vegetables and fish may make up the main course and this may be followed by a dessert of cheese and fruit. Dinners could continue well into the night and were more of an event than a meal.


A Roman banquet could be the height of luxury. With starters including such delicacies as a sows udder which was stuffed with egg and milk or sea urchins with an oil and egg sauce. The main course they would offer up Roasted Parrot, Boiled Flamingo with Dates or even an Ostrich which had been boiled with some sort of sauce.
Dessert would be sweet cakes with honey or dates that had been stuffed with nuts and then fried in honey.


Fast forward to the present, you’ll feel lucky to have technology and inventions on our side. Whether it’s juicing with pulp or no pulp, or creating fresh drinks with just the push of a button, life sure is more convenient today than in the olden times. View this for the best breville juicer reviews and information about other types of juicers.