Why is Roman history taught in school?

The Romans without a doubt had a profound impact on the history of humanity. Their impact has been so long lasting that Roman history is taught in schools in countries that they never reached. Therefore there are several reasons for teaching school children about the history of Ancient Rome.


Rome has been considered an important part of history because of the size and the duration of the empire that it built up. From it’s humble origins the city built up the largest empire seen prior to the British empire.At it’s zenith the Romans ruled over many parts of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Yet they left a more notable legacy because their empire lasted for centuries. Compare the Roman empire to the short lived empires of Alexander the Great or Assyria.

The Romans have had an influence that can be traced to the present day. For instance the Latin language has formed the basis of several European languages such as French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Latin has an influence on English due to the Norman conquest. Thus the language used by the Romans was part of the languages of the European nations that had empires across the globe. The Europeans that took over large parts of Africa, Asia, and the Americas taught Roman history in their schools. They then often taught it their schools in their colonies. Former colonies by and large still regard the subject worth teaching to their children.

The ideas that the Romans passed on to their former colonies have survived in one form or another to the present day. European schools and those in the countries that were ruled by the European powers taught Roman history as it was part of a shared heritage. This is particularly the case when countries share Christianity in common with each other. That is because of the global importance of the Roman Catholic Church.

Roman history is also taught in schools as the people that decide the subjects that are teached in school consider that it is an interesting subject that children should learn about. After all the Romans had a sophisticated civilization that had many things that were forgotten or not used after the fall of the Western Roman empire. There are many different aspects to the history of Rome so that it is a period of history children can find fascinating.